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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

old man winter

I'll be the first to admit that sunny LA is a great place to get "stuck" during the winter, but gosh I miss my own bed and the furry kids! The winter storm that is playing havoc all over the US is threatening my travels home today. I hope to get back to Montana soon and get caught up on emails and work, including posting an awesome BasicGrey contest on Friday (you cannot believe the prize package!!). I will also announce the winner of the Scrapdango contest, too. My friend Marla is judging this contest and has already told me that she's picked ten winners. HA! Wherever you are, I hope you are safe and warm. :)



  1. Good luck!!! it's 30 below in Northern MT, so I wish I was with you! GOod luck getting home!

  2. Safe travels....We are getting hit in the Detroit/Windsor area.....good luck getting home.

  3. Hope you made it home ok... The storm must have blown out by the time it reached Lake Erie.

  4. Wicked storms hitting EVERYWHERE this winter! Be safe!