PageMaps: Copic sketch markers for $4 each! **sold out thank you!**

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Copic sketch markers for $4 each! **sold out thank you!**

I was going through my Copic sketch pens this past weekend, trying to get them organized, and discovered I have a bunch of duplicates. I'm selling them for $4 each and all the profits will be donated to the American Cancer Society Relay for Life. I'll even cover the shipping in the US! :) (Internationals pay actual shipping.)

These pens are brand new and have never been used. They will be sold on a first come, first served basis, and I will keep this list updated on this post. Please email if you are interested in purchasing any of these colors.

R24 Prawn
R29 (x2) Lipstick Red
R32 Peach
R35 Coral
R39 Garnet
RV09 Fuchsia
RV19 Red Violet
RV25 Dog Rose Flower
RV29 Crimson
RV34 Dark Pink
RV93 Smoky Purple
RV99 Argyle Purple
V06 Lavender
V09 Violet
V12 Pale Lilac
V15 Mallow
BV00 Mauve Shadow
BV02 Prune
BV04 Blue Berry
BV08 Blue Violet
BV29 Slate
B00 (x2) Frost Blue
B02 Robin's Egg Blue
B05 Process Blue
B21 Baby Blue
B29 Ultramarine
Y11 Pale Yellow
Y13 Lemon Yellow
Y15 Cadmium Yellow
Y17 Golden Yellow
Y21 Buttercup Yellow
YG03 Yellow Green
YR04 Chrome Orange
YR07 Cadmium Orange
YR09 Chinese Orange
G05 Emerald Green
E11 Barely Beige
E31 Brick Beige
E33 Sand
W1 Warm Gray No. 1
W3 Warm Gray No. 3
C1 Cool Gray No. 1
C3 Cool Gray No. 3
C5 Cool Gray No 5