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Saturday, May 21, 2011

a cherry on top winner update

Hey everyone! We haven't forgotten about the ACOT contest! My friend Michelle, who was judging this contest, unexpectedly went into early labor and had a beautiful baby girl. So I've scored a new victim ... errr ... judge to pour over the entries for this contest and will post the winner no later than Tuesday. Oh, and be sure to pop in on Monday when a new contest will begin feature a GNORMOUS prize package donated by My Little Shoebox. Holy Hermafax, you won't believe the amount of scrapbook boo-tay in this one! :)

Thanks all,



  1. Looking forward to checking out the prize package on Monday. Love all your sketches!

  2. Congratulations Michelle! and good luck to the victim.....errrr.....judge, there were a lot of entries on this contest! Glad I'm not a judge! :)

  3. poor victim !!!!!!!!!good luck to you !!! ^^^!^^!

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