PageMaps: Copic 25th anniversary pens just $160 for the set!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Copic 25th anniversary pens just $160 for the set!

I have a second set of Copic's 25th Anniversary sketch pens for sale! It would take too long to explain how I came to have two sets, but I'd like to sell the extra and donate the money to my Relay for Life fundraising.

The pens are new and unopened, in 36 of Copic's most popular colors. This is a limited edition set with fine-nib and super-brush nib ends. I love my set and the fine-nib end is great for small stamp images! More photos below.

This set retails for $270 and I am selling this extra one for just $160! I'll cover shipping in the lower 48. First one to email me ( will get them.



  1. I have emailed you. Would love to buy this off you.

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